Hello world on PS Vita 2.10 by The Z

April 10, 2013

It is no secret that PS Vita scene member The Z has a PSP hack available and running on the Vita. He actually mentioned that a while ago back when 2.06 was the latest and greatest.

Today, as firmware 2.10 was announced then quickly made available, we got the usual flow of questions: Have exploits been patched? Does VHBL still work? Will TN save the world from the Giant Crab?

Well at least now we can at least answer one of those, as The Z was quick to confirm that his current exploit is still alive on PS Vita 2.10, as shown in the video below.

Don’t get too excited though. This is, as is now the tradition, “only” a usermode exploit inside of the psp emulator, running through an undisclosed PSP game, and The Z has not announced anything about a release.

To some of you, this might sound like a broken record now, but new people join the vita scene everyday and I’m sure to newcomers, or people who made the difficult choice to update, it’s always good to know things are, or will be available.

And if it sounds to you like anybody could come up with a psp usermode exploit these days… well, yes, it’s true :) , but it didn’t use to always be the case! Head over to our tutorials on how to find exploits, how to write a binary loader (and the associated Hello world), and how to port VHBL to your exploits. And if you don’t have a hacked psp, give a try to hgoel’s tutorial on how to do all this without one!

Source The Z

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