[Help] Help Me Name This PS3 Homebrew App

July 22, 2012

No it isn’t my application, but a well known developer in the PS3 scene is looking for your help to name his app, here is a quote from the source:

A very well know DEV from the ps3 scnene has asked us to turn to you guys, the users, and help name his next fantastic release. We can’t tell you who the dev is or EXACTLY what the app is, but we have seen a preview and you wont be disappointed. Here is what we can tell you.

“homebrew center”, a theme-able xmb-like interface for browsing/launching your homebrew games and apps and installing packages. A sort of simple and beautiful homebrew launcher in the familiar xmb interface that we’ve grown to love

Needless to say the dev doesn’t like the name Homebrew Center, so that’s off the table……
So put your thinking caps on and be creative.
Please post your suggestions in response to this post, the dev will then choose and we will announce here what he has picked.
Other sites you guys can participate too. This isn’t about site glory, it’s about the ps3 scene and inspiring more releases.

Source Tortuga Cove

So leave your response here or on Tortuga Cove :)

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