Help Wanted: Help Test The New Payload In IrisManager With Version 2.16

February 28, 2013

IrisManager has been taking on the updates to make it just as good a backup manager as multiMAN. With each version released, IrisManager is being improved in some way, shape or form. Version 2.16 is no exception to this, as it implements a new payload as well as pulls a page from deank. Take a look at the changelog:

NOTE: This is an evaluation version: if it does not work, let me know and tell me which version of CFW using and at what point you fail

  • New payload v8 syscall eliminating the syscall 36 and used instead to 8 redirections.
  • Added Multiman method for disc-less from / APP_HOME (thanks for commenting DeanK how it works). This increases the compatibility.

If IrisManager is your choice of backup manager, you can grab it below. Remember that this is an evaluation version as noted by Estwald, so it may or may not work properly for you. If you don’t want to deal with that, stay put on version 2.15.

Download: IrisManager 2.16

Source: Elotrolado

via PSX-Scene

Tags: backup manager, D_Skywalk, estwald, homebrew, IrisManager, PlayStation 3, PS3

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