Here Comes One New And One Updated Tool From BwE

April 4, 2013

BetterwayElectronics may not immediately spark some memory if you’ve been following the scene. However, the name BwE may. The developer has released a new tool as well as updated an old one for NOR related operations. The new tool is dubbed the NOR/NAND Patcher, which allows you to apply patches to consoles running a 3.55, 3.56 or 4.40 firmware and validate the CoreOS on top of that. Here’s the release notes for the tool:

Has the same exciting features as my validator, only – less.

Patches 3.55/3.56/4.40 on NOR or NAND.
Validates CoreOS and maybe TRVK.

Does that without a loader/chiptunes and all in the console. Faster than other my validator and other patchers.

Found any bugs? Let me know. I just made this for shits n giggles so its bound to have something wrong.

The updated tool is BwE’s NOR Validator.


  • 1.16 – 02/04/2013 : added rogero’s 4.40 patch, changed options, added 25+ md5’s, changed stats range and id check

You can download both tools below.

Download: BwE NOR/NAND Patcher 0.01 | BwE NOR Validator 1.16

Source: BetterwayElectronics

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