Here It Is Again! PS3 System Software Update 4.41 Released

April 25, 2013

Sony has released the latest system software update for the PlayStation 3. In a Tweet I received on Twitter @PlayStation announces the update which addresses system stability and is a ‘minor’ update. The update is mandatory so that means an end to online gaming for custom firmware users. That is until our talented PlayStation 3 developers release a new spoof for the various versions of custom firmware. Cough Cough Rebug REX 4.30.2 Cough!

Also noted via a comment on ps3news is the PSN/SEN passphrase. A member using a DEX console running the 4.40 spoof for whichever firmware version he is running is still able to log onto PSN. It’s to early in the game to keep speculating so lets hope that Sony actually releases a proper changelog in the near future. We will keep you informed once more information is released.

Here is a quote from the tweet.


PS3 software update v4.41 is coming today, it’s a minor update that will improve system stability.

Source: @PlayStation

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