Here’s An FTP Client To Add To All Those Tools

June 11, 2012

With a PS3 running custom firmware, shooting files back and forth between the hard drive and your computer is something that occurs often. For that, you’ll need a FTP client. Finding the right one may be a bit of a struggle but don’t worry, aldostools has one made just for you.

aldostools has released an updated version of his PS3 FTP Client for Windows computers. Alongside with being your everyday client, it’s able to rip files from the PS3, show description of files, send remote commands to multiMAN, etc. The new feature added in with the this release is the ability to update the APP_VER found in the PARAM.SFO file of a game. For those who have no idea, this controls the update version of a game. (i.e. Version 1.01, 2.0, etc.)

The FTP client will backup the original file before replacing it with one that makes the update version, the almighty 99.99. (By default) With the new file in place, you will no longer be prompted that a new update is available for that particular game.

You can grab aldostools’ PS3 FTP Client from PSX-Scene below.

Download: PS3 FTP Client v2.8

Source: PSX-Scene

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