Here’s An Update On The 3key

November 29, 2012

The 3key team has been silent these last couple months but that does not mean that production of their Optical Disc Drive Emulator (ODDE) for the PS3 has stopped. Earlier this week, the team updated their website to reflect the current status of production. They state that final hardware verification will begin this week and that software and an add-on board will be accompanying the 3key ODDE. Here’s what the team had to say.

  • Final hardware verification will start this week. All parts have been tested on development boards so no surprises are anticipated.
  • While built-in disk ripping does work, it is too slow to be practical and will not be present. There is another way which is much faster and can most likely be delivered in a future software update, but we will not have time to verify this before launch. So we decided to remove built-in disk ripping from the feature list and put it on the WIP list.
  • We have designed and completed software and a add-on board for connecting a PS3 drive to a PC via USB in order to dump games. This add-on board will be a part of the 3k3y kit.

It looks as if the 3key is on track for its December release.

Source: 3key

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