Hitman: Absolution For An Absolute Bargain

November 26, 2012

For anyone residing in Croatia, let it be known you can’t take advantage of this mistake any more.  But for curiosity’s sake, read on.  The PSN received Hitman: Absolution at the RRP in all regions… except for the aforementioned Croatia.  In an assumed mix up of currency conversion and region pricing, Absolution was released to the Croatian PSN at a mere 80 Kuna (around about $14USD).

Some have said on sourced sites that this may have been something similar to a Steam sale, but for anyone who knows the PSN, prices very rarely drop for new release games until months of it being available.

The Croatian store for now has had adding PSN funds blocked until the problem is attended to, which it probably almost has been.  A rare occasion for the PSN, but everyone makes mistakes.  For anyone who got in on this, enjoy the ridiculously cheap game!

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