Ho Ho Ho! New True Blue Clone On The Streets

May 16, 2012

True Blue has been rather quiet lately. In the midst of things, a new cloned dongle has popped up from the PS3Break team. PS3Break was relevant in the early days of the scene when everyone just started to jailbreak 3.41 & 3.55.  Is it still relevant today?

It’s called the PS3Break2 or the PB2 for short and it’s an USB dongle, just like True Blue, JB-King and the Cobra USB. They say that the dongle can play games requiring 3.6 and 3.7, can run with any backup managers, works with all regions and has a custom firmware to go along with it. Guess what, there’s patches you can download for games too.

tthousand over at PSX-Scene mentions that the PS3Break team is also selling hard drives filled of games. I’ve seen this before, so I’m not surprised at this. However, selling something “hot” as this, I don’t see this lasting for long. On top of that, if this does turn out to be another True Blue clone, what’s going to happen when TB’s protections kick in?

Source: PS3Break

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