Holiday Gifts for Hackers and Gamers

November 8, 2012

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The holiday season is just around the corner, and that’s why you need to know what gifts to get for your loved ones. I’ve been scouring the internet for all of you and keeping track of reader comments, and here’s what I think are the top 5 gifts for gamers this season!

Wii U Deluxe Bundle (Cost $349.99): You had to know this was coming didn’t you? That’s why I got it out of the way for you first. Every time a new console hits the market, it’s going to dominate sales during the holidays. This is the one that you could quite literally start seeing people killing each other over as we get closer to December, and quite possibly with good reason. Nintendo has decided to take an entirely different direction with this new machine and introduce the world to an entirely different method of gaming in the home. With its gamepad controller, in some senses you’ll be getting a larger scale touchpad experience like we have all seen on smartphones, but the real catch here is that that controller actually acts as a secondary display. Nintendo has been pushing this with their handhelds for quite some time now and now we’re able to get that experience in our homes.


As far as configurations go, this is also your best choice because you get the most for your money. As hackers, storage is something we can all use, and you get three times the storage of the 8GB model for just fifty dollars more with an included copy of Nintendo Land. We saw how popular the bundled game with the Wii was, and early previews don’t seem to call this one any different. Not to mention that black finish on the system let’s all your friends know that you’re the high roller. This one is really the bundle to beat.

This was a good gift idea to start off with.  Keep reading because the list definitely gets better and will help you find some great deals and ideas this holiday season.

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