Hook Up Your PS3, PSP, or PS2. PS Muli Tools Version 9 Is Here

February 15, 2013

In case you’re a little bit out of the loop when it comes to all of this scene talk. PS Multi Tools is in many ways a computer-based hub for community activities. Sure sites like DashHacks do a pretty awesome job of getting you all the latest news when you need it, but this handy app will allow you to download the latest CFWs, multiMAN versions and a whole lot more right from inside the program. Not to mention all of those backups you have for your Sony machines can get a little difficult to keep track of. This gives you a nice little GUI to hold and transfer those kinds of files as you need them.

As far as the overall changes are concerned, the biggest addition is a PRAM.sfo editor that can be used for any number of tasks including changing the required firmware version for a backup. To add to that an MD5 checker has also been implemented to make sure your files are in fact exactly correct. There is even the beginnings of a PS Vita section of the program as well and a new updated version of Reporter. Should you not be able to get online, the offline mode will now let you use the app in all circumstances. There are some reports that the PSN Download Manager may be broken, so in this case you can expect an update to come! Either way, a great PS3 tool just got better!

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