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May 4, 2012

So by now you’ve seen the latest news post about Showtime, but now we’re back at record speed to give you another bit of Showtime news in the form of a hot new look. Want to know what its all about?  Lets get to it…

From the developer facanferff come’s an updated YouTube plugin for Showtime.  This update comes with loads of stuff to make it easier to use and looks a whole lot better and from my experience with the YouTube app it’s a welcomed update. The last version was clunky and borderline unusable and I doubt many of you would disagree.  Best of all the update is available from Showtime’s configuration menu.

- Add: Show Feeds
- Add: Sort feeds (published, relevance, views, rating, position, comments, duration and title)
- Add: Filter Channel Feeds by Type
- Add: Filter Show Feeds by Genre
- Add: Filter Show Feeds by Region
- Add: Filter Movie Feeds by Genre
- Add: Filter Movie Feeds by Region
- Add: Filter Standard Feeds by Hungary region
- Add: Live Feeds
- Add: Background support (can be enabled via Settings page)
- Add: Set minimum resolution to play
- Add: Filter Movie Feeds by Language
- Enhancement: Only show free content in Movie Feeds
- Enhancement: If it is not possible to get the original video link(s), try to get an error message
- Enhancement: Use API version 2.1, it allows Google users that don’t have a Youtube channel to use some features of Youtube
- Enhancement: Upon Youtube entrance show Login popup if setting enabled, if user does not authenticate there he will not have access to features exclusive for Youtube users
- Enhancement: Show Message Alert when user uses an action (e.g. like a video, add to favorites, …)


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