How About A XMB Clone Running On Windows?

March 11, 2013

For those who have not read about XMBPCE, it’s a PS3 and PSP XMB emulator/simulator that runs on Windows. This is not a PS3 emulator nor will it control your PS3. Think of it as an program like Win Amp that handles music, movie files but also pictures/images and PC game discs. Other additions are the launching of a browser, PC games, and music player. The addition of the video player and picture viewer are halfway done so expect that in an upcoming update. The developer also mentions the integration of retro emulators such as RetroArk.

With this emulator you can use the graphical user interface of the PS3/PSP on your Windows PC. You can control it with the PS3 Controller.

What has been done already?

Setup: Done
Driver installation: Not done yet (REQUIRES MOTIONJOY DRIVER!)
XMB Boot: Done
Graphical user interface: Halfway done (Animated background missing …)
Playstation Button Menu: Halfway done (NOT STABLE!)
Controller support: Done

Category browsing: “Games”, “Home/Users”, “Music”, “Videos” and “Pictures”

Handling Game Discs: Done
Handling Music Files: Done
Handling Movie Files: Done
Handling Image Files: Done

Starting browser: Done
Starting games: Done
Starting Music Player: Done
Starting Video Player: Done
Starting Picture Viewer: DOne

Music Player: Done
Video Player: Halfway done
Picture Viewer: Halfway done

DON’T forget to install the driver first AND click all SAVE Buttons to get no errors

Downloads: XMBPCE v0.6.5 BETAPS3 Controller Drivers | ReadMe | Videos

Source: ps3hax via psx-scene

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