How Did Developers Help With The PS4′s Development?

March 1, 2013

In an interview with CVG, the game director of Guerilla games, Steven ter Heide commented on how great the new controller is, saying that it is “a great controller for an FPS”

He went on to say how they helped with they had discussions about putting a headset jack in the controller itself, which therefore gives everyone the ability to do online and have a chat (So no excuses from now on!).

It was their suggestion to concave the analogue sticks, which are only a simple change, but he said that it would make all the difference.

So when it comes to features, like headset jack and analogue sticks, that was where Guerilla put their 2 cents it, other developers, like Evolution Studios who are behind the Motorstorm and WRC,  are making the beautiful DriveClub which is a game where you drive….. as a club….. Their suggestions were based on motion movement and how the controller would interact with games of the racing genre (please don’t be a cheesy tilt to steer! )

According to the Guerilla co-founder, he thinks the DualShock 4 is “a big step foward for what we already have on the PS3″

He went on to mention how the controller feels, saying this;

It feels incredibly accurate, in your hands it feels solid, it feels really high quality with the materials that have been used, it feels like you’re in control and particularly with that feeling of being a Shadow Marshal, this big hero guy with extra capabilities, it’s very suitable.

ter Heide also said;

“The guys who made [the system] are no longer in an ivory tower in Tokyo, it’s shared with us and not just with us, but with Evolution, Santa Monica, Naughty Dog, everybody and together we’ve built the machine.”

The games mentioned above are to be released along with the PS4.

Fun Facts;

DriveClub willl be first person only

The name ‘DriveClub’ was trademarked 9 years ago

Bill Gates wants a PS4 (unconfirmed)

81,000 PS3 systems were sold 24hours of its release in Japan

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