How Do I Get Different Region PSN Credit? Your Answers Here!

May 9, 2013

After receiving my $20 PSN card from Sony for no apparent reason, spending it all, and then find a sweet deal on the ratchet and clank collection US store, I was determined to get some more credit to buy the collection. I wasn’t sure how to though. So after some research, I found a few websites like the ones I have listed below and will be showing you what I found!

There are always multiple ways of getting different region PSN cards, I will be listing some websites to get PSN credit from and other ways as well.

Here are a few sites you can get credit from, I have supplied a trust rating site next to it, just for re-assurance. – 9.2/10 (3,700 reviews)

Pcgamesupply sell numerous amounts of gift cards, these range from Runescape to Zynga, and Ukash to PSN cards.

Looking through the comments to see what people think, one comment was –

Do you like figs? I do

Figs are delicious!


I hate figs. – 5/10 (18 reviews)

Although the reviews seem a bit down when I found this on PS forums, the commenters seemed to like that website quite a bit.

Finding the credits however are a bit hard, but search ‘Ticket’ and you’ll be fine.

Yes, believe it or not you can get PSN credit from here, but US only. Wololo sells $20 [$23.99] and $50 [$55.99] PSN cards, without me sounding like I want everyone to buy a card from him, If you want a US card, that would be the most trustworthy place to go. Admit it, no one likes sending money off to a random website you’ve probably never visited before, do you?

Shoot him over a PM if you want a US($) card.

I won’t bother posting a review score on here, because eBay is a bit sketchy. Although the majority of the sellers on there may be honest dealers, you will always get a seller that is just taking the p*ss and selling a used card, I’d suggest not using this but the option is there for you of you want it.

What’s the advantages of having an alternate region account?

In some regions, a certain game comes out before any other region, or even not at all to another region, I originally changed over to my US account on my Vita so I could play the PlayStation All Stars beta, for example.
Another excellent example would be the large amount of Asian games that never make it over to the west. Which is a terrible shame being as some are very good!


Don’t be a dimwit thinking you’re going to get £20 credit because you bought a $20 card. It doesn’t work like that.

Like always, a blog from me is never complete without a video, so here it is;

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