How much will the PS4 cost to make?

February 28, 2013

Some Neogaf members have been trying to guesstimate the cost of making the PS4. Just like there were multiple news articles on how much the Vita cost to make (you might not want to read this one though, it might make you cry if you bought your Vita at retail cost like most of us!)

Keep in mind that The prices below don’t include the cost of R&D, such as several years of wages for the engineers, etc…

The prices assume that the unit will ship with one of the new Dualshock Controllers as well as the PS4 eye, and a headset. Unsurprisingly, most of the hardware cost seems to go in the CPU/GPU and the DDR5 Ram. Check the numbers below:

APU (CPU/GPU) 85-90
8gb GDDR5 110-140
OS Chip (supposedly ARM based) 12-18
Video encode/decode chip 8-12
Blu-Ray Drive (6x) 18-25
Hard Drive 38-50+
I/O (Input/Output) 9-12
Wireless Chip & Antenna 4
HDMI + HDCP 11-15
Other 25-35
Dualshock 4 18-30
PS4 Eye 12-20
Mono Headset 3
Cabling etc. 3
Internal PSU 25-55
Cooling 20-38

So the total of all of that is around $450-$500, which is a decrease from the original PS3′s estimated cost of $800 to make. This does however fit into a rumor I read about a while ago regarding prices on IGN, stating that the PS4 will come in 2 prices $429 & $529 (Pretty different to the PS3′s $500 – $600)


It is no doubt that this console like always will be sold at a loss, like pretty much all home consoles at release time will be sold at a loss. PS3, Wii U, XBOX 360, PS2…

So I think we should expect to see the PS4 to be sold around in America at about $400, along with a very large hard drive due to every game being a Day 1 Digital and most games reaching 50GB. For those digital lovers, you’ll need at least 500GB hard drive if you want a half decent collection of games… even if we assume Sony is going to drive more and more content to the cloud.

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