How Nice, A Game Patch For A 4.11 Game Appears

September 15, 2012

An anonymous person has released a game patch for Damage Inc Pacific Squadron WWII. Yes, it’s another game patch that we should all be happy for, but when you look at it, there has been no preceding patch released by True Blue or any of the other DRM dongle makers out there. The game requires firmware 4.11 to be played, which is a rather recent firmware and is now available to those on both the 3.41 and 3.55 custom firmwares. If this anonymous person(s) is inclined to put forward additional game patches, we can see more games become available to play, alongsid0e what N0DRM is pushing out.

Many thought that it would be the end of the scene, as far as games went, when there was no custom firmware progressing past 3.55. However, thanks to the likes of N0DRM and everyone in between, that problem is somewhat addressed for those who have a custom firmware console, who wanted to play the latest games that reside in the comfort of their hard drive(s). Hopefully, the wave of games being patched now won’t die down anytime soon.

You can pick up the patch below.

Download: Damage Inc Pacific Squadron WWII Game Patch (3.41/3.55)

Source: PS3Hax

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