How to record a PSP Gameplay video

November 24, 2012

This is a tutorial on how to record your own PSP Gameplay video. Maybe most of you know but I hope someone doesn’t know and can learn from this. First thing we need is a PC, second thing a PSP, third thing a CFW on our PSP and last thing, a PSP Game. Okay, once you have got all that you can carry on.

We need to download Remote Joy Lite plug-in and Remote Joy Windows Program. After this, we have to download PSP Drivers Type-B and connect our PSP to our PC using an USB Cable and we need to have the Remote Joy Windows program and plug-ins activated. Start the game and press F12 on your computer, ok, now you are recording the game. Whenever you want to finish the Gameplay, simply press F12 again.

Unfortunately, we cannot record sounds using this method but it’s still quite a good option. I will leave you with one of my PSP Gameplays:

Have any doubts? Anything to say? Then please comment!

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