How to uninstall eCFW (for those updating to 2.00)

November 23, 2012

The OFW 2.00 update has been out for a few days now. I have noticed that many users who had one of the exploits who wish to update have no idea whatsoever on how to uninstall eCFW. Most of the time the suggestion has been to backup all the memory sticks data and then format the stick, but I find that too complicated

Here is a simple technique which you can use to uninstall eCFW, launch you eCFW exploit, go and delete all your homebrew (except PSPFiler) and ISO’s (using either TNMenu or PSPFiler) after everything is done, just check once more using PSPFiler and delete everything that is either homebrew or an ISO. Now exit to TNMenu and finally delete PSPFiler. Then just connct to your pc, transfer your eCFW save to your pc, delete it off of your Vita and backup all your games.

There you go, you just removed eCFW from your Vita.

I have seen numerous tutorials on the forums but I found them all quite unnecessarily complex, the above is the simplest and safest method to remove eCFW.

It’s so hard to let go );

But, I guess if you are getting PS+ for the Vita then it is just fine! (I am only updating for PS+)

For more information about why or why not to update see this

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