How would you like to learn about the game industry? A course by Sony.

May 31, 2013

Earlier today a post was made on the Spanish PlayStation blog stating that there’s now a post graduate course available that will help students learn all about the world of video games. The course itself will be taught by professionals from the industry, along with colleagues of Sony. This is rather an interesting step, and in all honesty; I would really like to see more courses like this available by multiple games companies.

Here’s what the University of Madrid’s page says about the course:

Today, the video game industry is the most powerful, in terms of turnover , in the world of entertainment. Only in Spain there are over 15 million players worldwide and represents an industry of more than 70,000 million euros.

With this encouraging picture, the possibilities for professionals are increasing. And both developers and publishers , as brands and consumer entertainment, look at the video game industry as a reference to achieve their aims.Professionals who are trained to respond to these needs will be prominently featured in this new scenario.

The Master of Creation and Management of Video Games – PlayStation ®, European University PlayStation ® provides the student all the expertise of two leading companies in its sector and the experience of its professionals, the contributors studies and media and related companies to PlayStation ®.

Like all masters, is eminently practical, specializing the student to make you aware of the different stages that comprise the development of a video game, and which also allows you to develop all the knowledge and professional skills in case you want to start development of a company development, want to be producer of a large study or enroll in a multinational firm video game publisher.

They promote global learning in a changing world, where small players can completely change the operation of an industry, which is increasingly important to be able to understand the overall process, not only specialized in a particular part of it.

Virtues and practical aspects (student counterparts)

Students will experience first-hand the challenges they face every day the “doers” of PlayStation ®. Development, marketing, communication, distribution, online games, applications …; whole universe PlayStation ® will be present over 500 exciting hours of learning.

A Master whose structure is based on the development of the academic program itself, a laboratory building video game launch campaigns, creation, design and game programming, project incubator focused on digital entertainment industry, an internship in companies and presentation of a Master’s Thesis.

What is PlayStation ®?

With innovative printing join the group Sony, PlayStation ® created with the aim of becoming a reference in the video game. A visionary company opted to move the arcade experience home and today, 17 years later, has been instrumental in that the game becomes a bigger industry than the music, film and literature together.

A pioneer in the introduction of new technologies for entertainment, PlayStation ® has been characterized by inputting new formats and technological advances that make possible universes calculated in real time the player enjoys today.

Million consoles sold worldwide endorse a brand that 
has become the benchmark of the game.

Power and brand recognition PlayStation ®

PlayStation ® occupies a privileged position in the rankings of the most recognized and admired brands. Leader intop of mind in the game industry, enjoys exceptional health in the Spanish market, being one of the countries where the mark most successful records.

I find this a great step forward, and would definitely do it if I lived in Madrid, as this is the only place that it’s currently available. Who knows though, depending on the success it may venture to different countries of the world.

What do you think about this? Would you take part in the course, and what do you think this could lead to?

Note: This translation was done with Google Translate, so it’s quite likely to be inaccurate in some parts. 

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