HTML5: A great way to play games?

February 15, 2013

HTML5 is really standing up to our expectations. It really is revolutionizing the way the web works! The best part is that the PSVita’s browser has some of the best HTML5 support among gaming consoles. Sony has been busy trying to prevent homebrew, but through HTML5, there is an opportunity to make games which can actually be played on the Vita!

I am pretty sure that most of the people who follow the PS Vita section at /talk carefully have probably come across either ‘PSVita free browser game hub’ or ‘free games through the browser’

Basically, we have discovered that a lot of the HTML5 games made for touchscreen smartphones also work well on the Vita. Both fcrasher and I have setup web portals where users can access these games.

fcrasher’s portal can be found at

and my portal can be found at

Both portals are frequently updated with new games, all of which are guaranteed to work in the Vita’s browser. This could be a nice alternative for users who have updated/ missed the exploits because as we all know from here, The PSVita has a browser which is only second to the Wii U’s which is quite impressive considering that the Vita is a portable device with much more limited hardware than the Wii U.

Also, it seems that the Adventure Maker which worked quite well for making PSP browser games, also works on the Vita, I have not been able this myself though because I just can’t find a website which specifically has the PSP versions of the games.

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