Huge News For The PS3 Scene From E3 Team

July 30, 2012

This is big news from the E3 team that has been making its way around the many PS3 scene sites.  The first part of the news is that they have released 2 new freeboots which is cool but you definitely don’t want to miss what else they have to say. 

As mentioned the E3 Team has released to new freeboots for Splinter Cell Trilogy HD and also the 1.04 update for Batman Arkham City which should make many of you quite happy.  But wait…there’s more.

E3 says that they are now going to be releasing their future patches at no cost to the user.  Yup, read that again.  Ok, and on top of that they are claiming that they will be giving the keys so you can patch your own games.  I know it seems like a lot to process so take it in for a minute and then check out a statement from E3 that they sent to the guys at PS3HAX.

Great news from E3TEAM

We announced in advance last week that E3TEAM will release a great news for all ps3 user.
Here is our official claim :

1: E3TEAM will release all ps3 game free in public .It allow any 3.55CFW play all the new game without dongle.
Just like the free eboot released by E3TEAM before.

2: E3TEAM will release the new key free in public . User can decrypt the new game by himself in few seconds .

Please note all the release will be free with NO pay .

E3TEAM are building a full new system to release those free gift . We expect user can join this sytem to
get what they want after 1-2 month. We will release more news about this system later.

(PS: all is for downgradable console )

So there you have it.  I know a lot of you will be thrilled with this news at it could be just the thing to give the PS3 scene another nice push.  Stay tuned as we’ll keep you updated with any new news that comes out.

Source: PS3HAX

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