I hate you, Humble Bundle!

September 26, 2012

Once again, the Humble Bundle tricked me into buying great games for an insanely low price. Probably, I won’t have the time to play half of them, like is always the case when I buy videogames…

But come on, Humble Bundle is back, this time with 10 awesome indie games, for which you pay the price that you want (it’s actually 5 games, + 5 extra games if you beat the average price). If that’s not enough for you, these games are cross platform (Windows, Linux, Mac), DRM free, and you can actually choose how to divide your money between the developers and charity. So, yeah, I had to get it.

The highlight of this new bundle is probably Torchlight, a critically acclaimed Diablo “clone” … ok, I’m using the word clone here for a lack of vocabulary… Torchlight was actually made by (among other awesome people) Diablo’s creators. Torchlight 2 was actually out just this week, and has been described as “What Diablo 3 should really have been” by the people who tried it. Ok, don’t get mixed up here, what you get in this bundle is torchlight 1, a great game from 2009, but not Torchlight 2, the apparently awesome sequel from 2012.

In addition to Torchlight, the Bundle includes Rochard, Shatter, SPAZ, Vessel, Dustforce, BIT TRIP RUNNER, Gratuitous space battles, Jamestown, and Wizorb. I could describe each one of them, but a video is probably better at this point.

The Humble Bundle is a steal, there’s no reason to not get it, so hurry up, the promotion ends in less than a week! (you can actually even pay 1c for it if you want, but please, don’t be that guy, show a minimum of appreciation for the devs, balanced with what you can afford, of course)

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