I love boobs but not for my kid to look. E3 2012 backlashes = Far cry 3

July 7, 2012

Well sometime ago i published about the *poor, beated and almost raped Lara Croft* now, the same (weeks passed since E3) and people are discussing about how far this virtual nudity and exposition can be good or evil according to our own values.
I think it’s time to STOP for a second and re-think the whole situation, many users showed their discomfort with the trailer of the Nuns in Hitman (which the producer of the game done a public apologize if anyone was offended).
The issue is that the breach between reality and virtual reality is getting thinner by the hour. Adding the fact that next gen consoles will released in some months ahead, well..give enough room to speculate.

Now the *Call* is on Far cry 3, carrying the motto = Games for adults made by adults.
In fact i love nudity *boobs* (for the ones who know me) but i don’t want my 4 year old cousin play this kind of *content* in a so early stage of his life. The reason it’s not that im against the product and i know many of you will jump to my neck for saying this. I’m not puritan either, but i think this kind of situations are getting a little out of *hand*.

Far Cry 3 is well worthy of its mature age certificate. Ubisoft’s pre-E3 showing of the game rammed more breasts, swears, blood, gore and drugs than we could keep track of.

Speaking with NowGamer, Far Cry 3 level design director Mark Thompson explained that the controversy will be delivered in a mature and adult fashion.

“We have a lot of respect for our subject matter,” Thompson explained, “we approach it with maturity and honesty. Moreover we respect gamers, and we know that they will treat the material with the same respect, after all we are adults making a game for adults.”

“It’s not about cheap thrills and titillation, it’s about exploring mature themes in ways that other entertainment media have being doing for years.”

“We aren’t doing anything that hasn’t been seen on post-watershed television, but the reaction has been that we are taking a risk, or being bold, because those areas of life are often left unexplored in games, especially in the FPS genre, where Far Cry 3 will really stand out as a different experience.”

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Source: Nowgamer

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