IcEmAn Modded CFW in Public Testing

September 10, 2012

By heading on over to PS3-Tools, you’ll be able to locate the public test link for thos very interesting piece of firmware. One of the more frustrating aspects about the scene in general is that there seems to be two very distinct camps when it comes to firmware solutions on a hacked console. For those who aren’t so technologically inclined staying on a CEX CFW is always the better bet, while the more advanced crowd and app developers would prefer something in the DEX arena. Can’t their just be a firmware to handle both tasks if need be?

That’s what IcEmAn hopes to accomplish through this early build of his own firmware. With the advantages of some basic debugging functions as well as direct downgrading, you would imagine that you’re getting something more DEX oriented. However on the other hand, there are plenty of new XMB sections such as a convenient spot for homebrew that is sure to keep the less-organized and average consumer happy as well. With many more features in the full changelog, if this sounds like your kind of deal, head om over to the source link for a few more details.


Tags: cex, dex, iceman, PS3 Hacks, PS3 Homebrew

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