IcEmAn Releases New Rebug XMB Mod

December 10, 2012

As Sony fans we all love using the XMB, but that doesn’t mean that we think the way that they have set things up is totally and completely functional. Thankfully with the advent of hardware jailbreaks, we have the ability to alter and fix some of the shortcomings we have to suit our differing needs. IcEmAn in particular seems to be one of the best at making such modifications with his periodic release of XMB mods. As with any of their major releases, here we see even more ways to group our  content, as well as new ways to make it available on our system. There are lots to be found on this update but as usual I will try to give you the most important features.

Aside from being able to have separate sections dedicated to basic firmware features, homebrew, and multimedia apps, there is also a dedicated .pkg installer embedded in this mod as well. Whether you are installing something to boot along with the XMB, or just want to install from the PS3s own hard disk, all options are there for you to make that  happen. In addition, there is a new PSOne category as well which will be of great use for any of you that love to mess around with the classics. Not to mention if you’ve got a lot of games, it may make more sense for you to organize things by console.

Lastly there is also the option to install bubble content as well including some smaller XMB mod features, and original XMB installer, and some more language packs, As usual, software like this is better seen than read, so if you want more info you can check out this video!


Tags: homebrew, iceman, PS3 Hacks, XMB

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