IcEmAn Releases Updated XMB Mod For Rebug 4.21.2

January 8, 2013

IcEmAn, the developer bringing you a XMB modification package for the REBUG 4.21 firmware, has dropped a new update to go along with the release of the 4.21.2 update by REBUG. The new release features several changes throughout the XMB, to give it an fresh and updated look. Here is everything that has been changed since the last release:

Categories: Set names 1 line down

Multimedia = BV | Tool = AP | Homebrew = AT | Games = HG | Installer = CB | PlayStation Network = HM | AVCHD Movies = AM | Mount Games = AV

Boot Info

  • Info: Fotosensitive Epilepsy renamed to Modded Custom Firmware 4.21.2 REBUG [ICE EDITION]


  • User name removed
  • User Icons 001 and 002 changed
  • Support page integrated



  • Network-Settings Info Text extended


Multimedia/Photo (BV)

  • Photo Category renamed in Multimedia and content removed
  • Multimedia Manager integrated and adjusted
  • Media Server will shown by activity
  • Screenshot-Function will appropriate


Tools/Music (AP)

  • Music Category renamed to Tools and content removed


Homebrew/Video (AT)

  • Video Category changed with TV Category
  • TV Category renamed to Homebrew and content removed


Games/TV (HG)

  • TV Category changed with Game Category
  • Game Category renamed to Games and content adjusted
  • app/home/PS3_GAME/ renamed to Launch Game (Discless)
  • Mount PKG’s will appropriate in Mount Games (AV)


Game Data/Game

  • Game Category renamed to Game Data and content adjusted
  • Game Data Utility renamed to PS3 Game Data umbenannt and Info Text added
  • Memory Card Utility renamed to Memory Card
  • app/home/PS3_GAME/ moved to Games Category
  • PlayStation Store removed
  • Package Manager moved to Installer Category
  • PS Vita System Application Utility removed
  • Trophy Collection renamed to Trophies


Installer/Network (CB)

  • Network Category renamed to Installer and content removed
  • Install Manager is divided in 7 Systemfolder: PS3 Hard Disk (Intern) | Homebrew (Tools) | XMB BOOT PKG | PSN Content | PS1 PSN Content | PKG Patches/Updates | PKG Content
  • Install Manager Icons added
  • Unlink Text renamed to Delete


PlayStation Network (HM)

  • Internet Search and Remote Play added
  • Download Manager integrated


PSN Contacts/Friends

  • Friends Category renamed in PSN Contacts

Installation of the XMB Mod package is relatively straightforward.

  1. Install REBUG CFW 4.21.2 [REX EDITION] over XMB
  2. Set REBUG / RETAIL Mode and remove all XMB Mods
  3. Install REBUG CFW 4.21.2 XMB MOD v01.08.06 [ICE EDITION]
  4. Install Homebrew PKG’s (Download Browser)

You can download everything that you need below.


Download: REBUG 4.21.2 XMB Mod v01.08.06 ICE EDITION (English | German)


Source: IcEmAn-MoDz via PSX-Scene

Tags: iceman, PlayStation 3, PS3, Rebug, xmb mod

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