If Aldostools Is Your Supplier, Then Go For Some Updates

June 25, 2012

aldostools sure has been busy, providing everyone with easy to use tools to accomplish several tasks. He has done the roundabout and has released new versions of his PARAM.SFO Editor and FTP Client applications for Windows computers. Got any of these at your disposal? It’s time to get updated.

The PARAM.SFO Editor allows you to edit the parameters file that you may have come across through your journeys when it comes down to EBOOT editing, etc. The tool allows you to easily change up settings such as game title, ID, version, etc. Here’s the changelog for version 2.4.0:

  • Fixed issue reading some PARAM.SFO.
  • Updated other tools that used the same code.

Moving onto his PS3 FTP Client, this tool allows you to rip files from your PS3, show what each one does, send remote commands to multiMAN and update the APP_VER of a PARAM.SFO file, in order to bypass updates. The changelog for this is as follows:

  • New: update PARAM.SFO specified APP_VER version for selected games. Prevents accidental updates for connected users. A backup of the original PARAM.SFO is created.
  • Updated titleid database

You can download the updated tools and see what the others that aldostools has to offer from his array below.

Download: aldostools

Source: PS3Hax

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