Immersion Eyes Potential Revenue From PS4′s DualShock 4: Patents and good vibes?

August 14, 2013

Sony and MS getting sued over patents it’s nothing new. Thing is that MS is making sudden moves like: Kinect not required for the console to work plus being capable to detect its own temperature and adjust automatically to avoid overheating. Means that MS is making those final “tweaks” to hype potential consumers.

Sony on the other side lost too much money with Immersion (Company) which actually sued both for patent infringement over vibration functions in the controllers. MS settled that issue in court while Sony..well. Wanted to “fight” over it.
Victor Viegas CEO of Immersion has MS on his pockets and Sony (i assume due to those legal disputes) expecting for a Potential Revenue for DualShock 4. Some “Rumble” for Sony maybe?. It’s up to them.

To quote:

In 2002, Sony and Microsoft were sued by Immersion for patent infringement on the vibration functions in their controllers. Microsoft settled out of court, and purchased a 10% stake in Immersion, while Sony decided to fight their case.

The outcome was not pretty for Sony – the court ordered the company to pay Immersion $90.7 million, and Sony had to repeatedly appeal an order to suspend sales of infringing devices. Then, in 2006, Sony announced that the PS3′s controller would not feature rumble, with Phil Harrison saying it was a “last generation feature”.

Finally, in 2007, Sony Computer Entertainment and Immersion settled their differences, with Sony paying the company $97.2 million (the original $90.7 million was included in this) plus royalties, ultimately allowing them to release the DualShock 3.

Now, with the DualShock 4 on the horizon, Immersion hopes to get additional revenue from the controller, PSLS has discovered. Victor Viegas, President and CEO of Immersion, said in an earnings call (transcribed by SeekingAlpha):

In terms of next generation we thought it was terrific to see Microsoft launch a controller with triggering mechanism. It adds another dimension to game play, gives us some opportunity to work with their third party controller supplier, potentially license them.. And in terms of Sony PlayStation 4, I think they have announced advanced [rumble] capability, we haven’t yet seen the product but we are optimistic that they have haptics to provide an immersive experience. So we are very optimistic that this will yield additional revenue for Immersion.


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