[INFORMATION]CEX>DEX = Tutorials/Guides/Apps. Dedicated Thread.

July 30, 2012

We all know about the conversion method CEX>DEX and the apps/tutorials/guides published on the board but searching something specific about can result in another new thread asking for something that was already posted or just difficult to find what we are searching for. So i came up with a *idea* to do some *Unique* thread in order to you get the info about the method, and all that i found published so far on HAX about the conversion.

Thanks again to the one who dedicated hours, even days doing guides and tutorials about this. Keep in mind that neither I, or PS3HAX or even the members who made all of this to share with you are held responsable if anything happens to your PS3 system.



P.s: I will keep updating the thread and mirroring some files in order to get all about the conversion in ONE place. Organized and Clean ;) feel free to add any other guide/tool/app.

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