Inside Sony’s Brasil Console Manufacturing Plant

May 9, 2013


Man: “We began the production of the PlayStation here in Manaus because we believe in the potential of Brazil and the Brazilian market, and we knew that from the moment we started production of the PlayStation here, we’re going to have better cost, we’re going to have better productivity, and we’re going to have a level of quality as good as any other place in the world. This year, we invested in new areas of (hard to understand) and a new office. We enlarged the production area, all because Sony believes in the potential of Brazil. Sony believes in manufacturing in Manaus.”

Woman: “Generally, people have a certain reluctance to buy imported goods because of the guarantee; it’s much harder to have your product traded or fixed because it wasn’t built in your own country.”

Man: “Another positive point for production of the PlayStation here is that we can give all of the technical support, technical assistance, produce the plates of (hard to understand) that can be necessary to give support to the final client.”

Woman: “Everybody’s very excited; they’re very optimistic, feeling very proud to be producing this device. There’s a lot of gusto, a lot of disposition, and we believe that this will really be a great success in Brazil. More people who have the desire to have a PlayStation will be able to make that dream reality.”

Young Man: “Working here is a dream, because I’m also a consumer of this product. So I know that Brazil wants to play, Brazil wants to own PlayStation games. And to see how this whole process is running, how this product comes out is really incredible. Long live the State of Play!”

Woman: “Long live the State of Play!”

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