Install Package – A New PS3 Homebrew App

October 4, 2012

Coming hot off the heels of his unexpected update to PSChannel, we are yet again surprised by the app called Install Package. In terms of its functions, the name implies exactly what the program does. Essentially it assists developers and CFE users alike with the installation of homebrew packages on their modded console. For some, getting a PKG to install can be a sort of difficult task because errors prevent that option from showing up within their firmware. To those few I can say your stress has finally ended. Just by booting up this app, you’ll have the ability to install one or multiple packages at once without any brain busting issues. When it’s all done inside the comfort of an app, many are going to feel more secure that the process is being done right.

While this particular homebrew effort may not be the single deepest coded work on the planet, Deroad did close his post by saying that large updates and added features to PSChannel are on the way. The developer was secretive about what exactly those functions could be, but at least he was nice enough to give us something handy while we wait it out. If you’re a fan of Deroad’s previous work, you should be happy with this.


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