Interesting PS Store Bug/Glitch

December 30, 2012

This bug/glitch wont get you free games, but it will let you see the following weeks  updates by simply changing the clock, the original source was the Official PS Forums, but link seems to have since been nuked, luckily JustPushStart caught it in time, here is a quote from them:

Thanks to a finding by Jmes99, you can apparently view some of next weeks content by simply setting your clock ahead 1 week. While the exploit is limited to whatever changes Sony has already put into motion, this trick has revealed that US gamers are getting NBA Jam On Fire Edition and Cronovolt (Vita) for free with plus. If that doesn’t wow you, the store also lists a 50% discount on Deus EX Human Revolution, Sound Shapes, Bulletstorm and Skull Girls too.

Originally clicking Jmes99 would have taken you to the original story, but the PS Forum moderators seem to have put the article in moderation/hidden mode, anyhow here is a video of the bug in action:

Source JustPushStart

Expect Sony to patch this soon.

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