Interview with a vampir//errr i mean Anonymous:

June 30, 2012

Well some of you may noticed that i was out from the racing tracks and not publishing as often as i could, some of you may felt that i was gone for good. Well, it’s bad news that im on the news again.

I was on the *undergound* i like to spend some serious time on researchs among other things to attend to and i had a pseudo-interview with a guy…(i don’t know if is a guy/girl/alien) and i come to post this interview here.
The place was a mess, filled with dead PS3′s (almost a cemetery) and other consoles, spare parts, etc.


Me: Hello Mr. Anon
Anon: Hello
Me: Well you said to me over (i won’t hand you the source) that you have some interesting information about what’s happening today on the scene
Anon: Yes indeed.
Me: What you have to say about it?
Anon: Well the scene is screwed. Many people thinks that software solution are a difficult task to accomplish, and they right in some point.
Me: Why?
Anon: Because in terms of money, besides that many people think that some people have to fill a big hunger strike with dollars it’s more than that.
Me: I don’t get to explain more?
Anon: Yes. It’s not all about the money or the fame, some of us are *payed slaves* to do certain tasks that we can’t decline so easy. Since it’s good money and we need a good income in order to buy new hardware and do more things or just to dedicate a 40% of that money to develpment or research.
Me: And the *Ethical* or *moral* code?
Anon: Fu@$ that, if you were in my position you will do the same.
Me: I don’t think so.
Anon: Well you are not in my i can understand what you think (he noods)
Me: You have informartion about the release or something regarding a dongle coming out?
Anon: Yes, but i cannot talk too much about it. Since it’s not SECRET that people will be scammed again with another brand new DRM dongle. it’s not new, they run out of ideas and *they* decided to change the name as well some hardware parts to make it more fancy or more credible to drag a possible buyer.
Me: Seems logical.
Anon: No, it’s not. Cause this “TEAM” have the same people working behind them, and they can care less if all of them are exposed to the public.
Me: Why?
Anon: So far until the report of TB not being manufactured anymore with the old news about E3 doing something “similar” some weeks ago releasing the Eboots (that two) they blown their own cover as i early said they don’t care about being exposed.
Me: So..what’s the finaly objective of all this?..
Anon: Get more pockets filled with money with no ethical or moral code like you said. The more the more they produce, the better even if they final dongle is useless.
Me: But what about the dongle-less solution?.
Anon: Where you live? In Rainbows city?
Me: No, i know that reality it’s much worse..but care to explain a little more?
Anon: Ok. The dongleless solution always existed, never dissapared, but there’s ONE particular dongle that can outperform and “kill” so to speak the ones who are being sold now.
Me: P3GO?
Anon: You are right. If oct0xor keeps that path and don’t get corrupted on the way, if he can catch a P3GO the tables can turn to something bigger.
Me: So all the people involved in all of this…it’s the same people as always?.
Anon: ….I could say yes. But theres one SPECIFIC person that it’s behind all of this and we all know his name.
Me: Maximum hormone?
Anon: I like your sense of humor, but yes we can say so.
Me: Well i have to hit the road jack.
Anon: Me too.

This is the end of the *interview* if you know how to read between lines = Cool.
More info will be posted in the next days. Along with BOOBScene coming out..stay tuned. ;)



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