Introducing the Dual Shock 4!

April 26, 2013

The PlayStation 4, Sony’s latest console device (No PlayStation console is JUST a gaming console ;) ) seems to be nearing its release as Sony slowly prepares to introduce the world to the next generation of gaming. This time it is about the next generation of our favorite controller, the Dual Shock 4!

We all know that the PS4 will be relying on a heavily upgraded version of the Dual Shock controller to deliver its gaming experience (the controls are a major part of the gaming experience)  with almost every form of input possible with current technology (but of course still not as much input as the PSVita ;) ). So, we all know what the net generation dual shock controller looks like, but for those of you who somehow missed it:

The awesome Dual Shock 4!

The awesome Dual Shock 4!

As we all know, Sony spends a lot of money and time in controller R&D to make sure that their console has the best possible controller. The Dual Shock 4 is no exception. Without letting out too much information Sony has posted a video about this controller on their YouTube channel, enjoy!

The controller has been designed based on suggestions from AAA game developers like Naughty Dog and Media Molecule so expect the best gaming experience from the next gen PS4!

For those of you who can’t watch the video, it describes how the PS4′s controller has been designed by game devs making it very comfortable in your hands and very easy to control. The share button has been emphasized, and a feature that I personally find quite interesting, a built-in speaker. In the video, it has been said that the speaker will be used to bring in extra realism to gaming, for example, in a first person shooter, you will hear sound on your TV’s speakers, but when a bullet fly’s by you, you will in a sense, be able to tell because the controller’s speaker will also play that sound!

Gaming is finally getting to the point where the experience is just breath taking. I can already imagine myself playing Killzone and actually moving because I hear a bullet fly by me! :D

So, what do you guys think? Is the next generation dual shock exciting? Does it make you more excited about the PS4? The comments are the perfect place to discuss without flaming ;)

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