Iris Manager 1.60 Beta 2 Released by Estwald

February 4, 2013

Following up on the last installment of Iris Manager by PlayStation 3 developer Estwald comes version 1.60 of the backup manager. This version is in Beta stage so expect a bug or two. This could be why the download link via the source was pulled, so check it out with that in mind. Estwald introduces more compatibility for PS1 support so one does not have to patch ps1_netemu or ps1-emu. The instructions can be found in a readme file called “IMPORTANT 1.60 psx iso.txt” included in the download.

iris manager 2

Roughly translated by Google:

  1. Added level PSX emulation syscall: patch no longer needed and can delete emulators versions “patched”
  2. Works with ps1_netemu. Moreover, it is my choice RECOMMENDED smoother and games will I have to go wrong with ps1_emu, here are perfect
  3. Files are needed. cue with the same name as the. bin. img, etc, to describe the ski audio. If it contains only the binary data, Iris Manager generates its corresponding TOC. psx_storage default also generates a TOC enough for this type of game. As I can complete wakefulness psx_storage operation.
  4. Ability to load an external ROM to allow access to the transmission Memory Card (getting into dev_hdd0/game/IMANAGER4 ps1_rom.bin file.)
  5. Pressing CIRCLE + EQUIS with external ROM enabled, runs ejected disc so you can access the PSX MC Manager without having to disconnect the USB device. Unplugging/replugging once, the disc will be mounted and run. More details IMPORTANT iso.txt psx 1.60, within the file. rar


Download: Iris Manager 1.60 Beta 2



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