Iris Manager Brings PS One ISO Support

January 22, 2013

Following up with our previous article concerning Iris Manager, comes some news that will excite many a PlayStation 3 ‘scener’. Gone are the days when one required a Cobra USB dongle to play PS One ISO’s. In this update developers D_Skywalk and Estwald over at elotrolado have released Iris Manager 1.50.2 that brings PS One ISO support to custom firmwares 3.55 to 4.30. In the last day or so the backup manager has seen three revisions addressing bug fixes. Below you will find quotes from the developers courtesy of the sources linked below.

iris manager 2

Added PSX ISO’s for Iris Manager 1.50 +:


  • Install ps1_emu_patched.self (see patch_ps1emu.rar, notes.txt)
  • Create a PSXGAMES folder in root of HDD or USB devices
  • Put the PSX game folder here. The name of the folder is used as game name from Iris Manager.
  • PSX game files must be .bin or .img files (or BIN, .IMG) containing sectors of 2352 bytes. You can put from 1 to 8 “iso” files
  • Iris manager get “isos” in alphanumerical order. When you launch a game with multiple isos you can rotate the order in one screen in the last moment.
  • You can put a COVER.JPG file (max size of 1024 x 1024 pixels)
  • PSX config is saved in the game folder.


Example of the game structure:
/Metal Gear Solid
| — COVER.JPG -> the cover
| — MGS1.IMG -> disc 1
|—- MGS2.IMG -> disc 2
| — psx_config.cfg -> psx config. saved from Iris Manager (Memory Card, Video Options …)

Iris Manager mount USB/ BDVD and HDD0 in this preference order to change virtually the disc. if one device can be mounted it is used for simulate EJECT/PUT the disc

If a game have two or more disc when the game ask for a disc change, unplug and plug USB device or eject and put the CD/DVD/BR disc to change of “iso” (to be sure when you “eject” it green led is blinking and when you put one “new” media green led is unblinking). The method is rotatory so when it use the last iso it turn to the first iso.


NOTE: You can use a BR disc without problem in the patched PSX Emu. Eject the media is unnecessary to play the game.


Additional info from Estwald:


Some feedback:

  • The configuration of each game is saved in your contacts, while the PSX game disc, is taken as reference for the games you have not saved the configuraración there.
  • As I discuss the order they are taken multiple ISOS is alphanumeric (will 1.bin 2.bin Disc 1 and Disc 2 as)
  • When demos to run, if there are several, are presented with a screen that shows the order of the iso, but that makes pressing CIRCLE to rotate up (so for example, if we are playing disc 2, we can select Start)
  • As I comment if you can mount a USB device is taken as “eject” first, otherwise a possible CD / DVD / BR that can be assembled and ultimately the HDD (so you can not eject). This makes it possible that if we have a game on the internal PSX with a pendrive connected and we disconnect and connect back to be changed from “ISO”
  • Changing ISO can only be done if the game is outstanding and calling it proper function. This is because if “eject” (although no pendrive see activity in the eye) the green led flashes console. To get him back update the counter rotating.
  • Internally the emulator supports 8 virtual files are rotated. Iris Manager assigns all consecutively. If a game had 3 albums would be allocated as follows: 1,2,3,1,2,3,1,2 by what we see in the following sequence instead of the three would go to 1.
  • Although you can change discs should not tinker needlessly with that: a game may hang, so Use it only when necessary
  • Please note that this is the first version of the emulator: if a game does not work but you have the assurance that if it works from CDROM ps1_emu (not the net), you tell me if I can watch it. . Indeed, in PSX options, choosing emulator is unnecessary for ISOS: ya know that you need to run (another thing that is not ) Greetings


Download: Iris Manager 1.50.2 | MIRROR


Source: elotrolado via psx-scene

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