Iris Manager Gets Multiple Updates

January 25, 2013

Developers D_Skywalk and Estwald are back with multiple updates to the recently improved Iris Manager. The PlayStation 3 backup manager has had many updates which mostly improve the recent addition of PSOne compatibility. In fact they have updated the PSX emulator to version 2, which includes support for ISO and MDF file types. This release also brings support for those running DEX custom firmware 4.21 and has addressed various bugs and annoyances such as the Blu Ray drive from disappearing.

iris manager 2

Changelog: v1.52

  • Added check size when copying games (for the HDD if it is greater than the size + 1GB, aborts, in the case of USB if it is greater than the size + 1MB the possibility of aborting) 
  • Added default BD-Emu not mount the HDD: now you have two options, new and old, with a touch more latter 
  • Some parts of the code have been retouched, if influence random crashes when the program starts. 
  • The patch tools have been unified in the same zip file


Changelog: v1.51

  • Added support DEX 4.21 
  • Removed the message “PSX unsupported” when thrown from ISO (only requires that the syscall 8 can work: no LV1 patches needed for this) 
  • New version of Emulator V2 (ps1_emu_patched2.self metedlo well without rename) 
  • Support for formats. ISO and. MDF (alcohol) added. 


Download: Iris Manager v1.52


Source: elotrolado via psx-scene

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