Iris Manager Updated to v1.49.1 Is Out and About

January 18, 2013

As I have said many times before now, deank’s multiMAN usually pretty much hogs all of the spotlight when it comes to getting your favorite homebrew and backups loaded from whatever device you choose. However if there is any possible alternative to that, Estwald’s Iris Manager is probably it. With it’s simple interface and reliance on cover flow images, it certainly has a lot to love visually. Some users even report that games that do not load on multiMAN just might also work when tried with Iris Manager as well, so there is certainly a market for this one.

When it comes to 1.49.1 you’ll have to forgive me if I don’t outline all of the features correctly due to the obvious language barrier. That being said, it looks as though this update offers several fixes to make sure that your console does not burn out while playing games for too long. For example, after sixty minutes of no activity in play, your PS3 will shut off. If the machine gets too hot, you will also see a similar reaction. In terms of booting the games you love, libfs.sprx is now fully supported which when patched correctly should allow for more games to be mounted using the BD-emu.  Finally, there is a new option in tools to “Copy from / dev_usb / Iris to Iris folder” which will allow data transfer from multiMAN to Iris to happen easier.

As I said, the changelog is a tough read, so you may want to see more at the source!


Tags: CFW, estwald, iris manager, PS3 Hacks, PS3 Homebrew

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