Iris Manager v1.46

January 6, 2013

PS3 developer Estwald has released a new and improved version of the open source multiMAN alternative known as Iris Manager and thanks to Faxtron it even has a shiny new animated icon… look at it go. If you are a fan and user of the Iris Manager then you already know how this project came about.  But for those of you who don’t let me tell you a little bit about it.

Iris Manager is an open source game manager homebrew app that will allow you to play your game backups.  Due to its open source nature it allows for all of the comunitys developers to offer improvements to the homebrew instead of forcing a single developer to do the work on their own. 


What’s new:

– Including arrangement Rancid-o 4.21 DEX

– Added the patch for 4.30 Rebug LV1 CEX

– Improved recognition of PSX discs (sector 16 now reads and identifies the disk as PLAYSTATION, CD-XA001 and take (if any) the title of the album to show)


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Tags: estwald, iris manager, Open Source

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