IrisMAN v2.92-4 Released

February 25, 2014

Aldostools brings us a handfull of updates for IrisMAN since the initial 2.92 release. The updates include increased gui modes, various bug fixes, and a few feature upgrades. Full list below:

Changelog: 2.92-4

  • Added Greek language (thanks to baxalo).
  • Use Left/Right arrows to select language in Tools menu.
  • Added customizable paths for Covers, Updates and Background pictures through settings.ini.
  • Fixed an issue refreshing game list.

Changelog: 2.92-3

  • Added display of game version (APP_VER) to Game Options menu (Triangle)
  • Patch_error_09 function now should work on 4.53 and 4.55
  • Updated language files (included portuguese translation by Sipp)

Changelog: 2.92-2

  • Changes:

    • Now there are 15 GUI modes.
    • Updated background colors.
    • Added option for random background picture (among the first 15 pictures).

Changelog: 2.92-1

  • Changes:

    • Added the features from official Iris Manager 2.92:

      • Now there are 12 GUI modes
      • support for background picture
      • animated background, etc.
      • Use SELECT + TRIANGLE on the Options menu (TRIANGLE) to use the PIC1.PNG of the current game as background.
      • Also fixed few bugs.

[aldostools via psx-scene]

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