IrisMAN v2.93-9 Released

March 19, 2014

Aldostools continues to bring updates to IrisMan. This latest version brings new background modes, and a few small fixes.


IRISMAN 2.93-9: [MAR/17/14]
New background mode that auto-displays the PIC1.PNG of the selected game.
The settings.ini now is not replaced when the manager is updated. The default settings are now stored in settings_default.ini
Added option to hide the Sort Mode label displayed at the bottom of the Coverflow

In this version, the PIC1.PNG is allowed to be displayed for NTFS (ISO) games. If you experience any freeze issue, change the ShowPIC1 to 2 in settings.ini (e.g ShowPIC1 = 2)

Please report back if I have to revert the option to the previous default: ShowPIC1 = 1

IRISMAN v2.93-8: [MAR/11/14]

Added support for .VM1 / .cfg saved in the same folder of the PSX isos stored in /PSXISO and /ps1_iso folders (previously they were using a common file for all isos)
Removed the annoying “PSX Options Saved” message when saving a memory card option.
More bug fixes for the cached game list.
Fixed display of covers for PSXISOs.


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