IrisMAN v3.00 Released

April 21, 2014

IrisMAN has been updated by Aldostools to v3.0. This latest release provides tons of new features such as RetroArch Emulated Roms, NTFS Read/Write support VIA FTP, Audio/Video launch and played directly and more.

Full changelog:

This is an “unofficial” version of Iris Manager 2.93 by Estwald/D-Skywalk. This version includes all the new Cobra/Mamba payload and ISO features added by Estwald. The changes that I made are mainly related to the user interface (buttons layout are more XMB-like, quick access to File Manager, progress bar when game list is scanned or file permissions are applied, colors, 15 gui modes, etc.). It also includes the Payloads for 4.41DEX/4.46DEX/4.50DEX/4.53CEX/4.55CEX from Rancid-O’s PS3ITA Manager. The most notable feature is that unlike the official version, it scans GAMES/GAMEZ on the external drives.

IMPORTANT: If you use webMAN on Cobra CFW, unmount any mounted game before launch IRISMAN.
Changelog 3.00: (Apr 20/2014)

Read/write access to NTFS devices from FTP server
Support to customize ftp port (default: 21) – Changing the port (e.g. 2121) you can use IRISMAN and webMAN’s ftp servers concurrently.
Added SITE RESET command for soft reboot

Audio/Videos can be launched and played directly (This feature uses deank’s version of SHOWTIME.SELF)
Supported Audio/Video file extensions are customizable in the settings.ini
Added support to several audio/video file extensions
Videos now can be deleted directly from the Game List (Grid/Coverflow)

Added support to launch ROMs (Requieres RetroArch
ROM paths and supported file extension are customizable in the settings.ini
Cores settings can be customized individually
ROMs now can be deleted directly from the Game List (Grid/Coverflow)

File Manager
Copy of file/folders on internal hdd now use shadow copy instead of regular copy (This change speeds up the copy function and save hdd space)
Launch videos/audio files and ROMs directly from File Manager

Fixed issue related to the display of game version
Fixed issue scrolling PS2/PSP game options (Triangle menu)

[Download, VIA]

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