IrisManager 1.54 Released – Some More PS1 Related Goodies

January 28, 2013

Joining multiMAN with an update is Estawald with one for his IrisManager backup manager. Version 1.54 improves on the PS1 features by adding the ability to extract the image file from a disc and the ability to use cheat discs. Outside of the PS1 functions, the update changes up the BD Emu options. Take a look at the changelog for more info:

  • added the possibility to extract PSX ISO (go to the Copy Game option, and press Select on the psx disc) for various discs.
  • added the possibility of using cheat discs: put the iso in the /PSXGAMES/CHEATS directory. The cheat iso must be 2353 bytes per sector, because it can be used later on to adapt to other sizes, creating replicas. For example; the Xploder 4 doesn’t even reach 10MB, so it isn’t much of a problem to have various versions. When you start the cheat disc it will ask if we want to use it, and will mount it as the first disc. See notes for mote details (the name is the same, it only needs an extension and a the correct size of sectors, because internally it lists what its on that dir searching for valid ISO images)
  • BD emu options were changed: now there are separate options for external and internal discs:
    • on internal: always uses patched libfs, with it you can optionally mount the game as a disc.
    • on external: if you mount the disc, it doesnt use the patched libfs, and this option is recommended. with libfs i only recommend it for games that use cache on the internal HDD.
  • Enabled L2 to show games. Initially the first option with R2 displays only games for PS3, while if you press L2 they will be PSX.

If IrisManager is your choice of backup manager, you can download it below.


Download: IrisManager v1.54


Source: Elotrolado

via PSX-Scene

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