IrisManager 1.60 Beta 3 Released

February 5, 2013

Estwald returns with another update to the beta of IrisManager 1.60. Making more additions and changes along the way, Beta 3 improves on PS1 emulation. Here’s the full changelog for this release:

  • Improved the emulation of ps1_emu. Fixed some bugs and added security improvements. No more annoying cuts in the sound.
  • Fixed the issue with the bad format of the Internal_MC. (There was a 0×0a instead of a 0xa0).
  • Added the ability to create a formatted Interna_MC (Video/Others)
  • Added the abiity to execute ps1_emu.self and ps1_netemu.self from Iris directory (copying a resigned ps1_emu.self into /dev_hdd0/game/IMANAGER4 it is possible to use the emulator from a version higher than the current firmware, and they can be patched or not).

If you like to stay cutting edge and/or would like to assist with testing, then you can grab the new beta below. Remember that unforeseen issues may come up throughout your use of the backup manager.

Download: IrisManager 1.60 Beta 3


Source: Elotrolado

via PSX-Scene

Tags: backup manager, estwald, homebrew, IrisManager, PlayStation 3, PS3

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