IrisManager 1.60 Beta 4 Keeps The PS1 Emulation Improving

February 7, 2013

Keeping fresh betas coming out, Estwald has released a new one for IrisManager 1.60. As usual, PS1 emulation has been improved. Here’s the changelog for this version:

  • New improvements in ps1_emu emulation. Now games like Vagrant Story or Resident Evil work on ps1_netemu, thanks to the creation on the fly of the required data from the 0×930 (2352) bytes in the sector. Also some bugs were fixed on the payload.
  • Added mode 3 to payload_storage to let launch the ISO for the cheats disc having a PSX disc on the drive. Just attach a pendrive, run with cheats and at the appropriate time, eject the ISO removing the pendrive. That works at least with Xploder 4 (if it’s necessary, you’ll have to eject the disc and insert it again: as soon as you detach the pendrive, the payload is disabled and the disc will work normally).
  • Fixed some bugs, like copying file when the USB is almost full.
  • All the payloads were modified to add a detection flag. That let you restart the console, for example, if you used multiMAN and the syscall 8 is inactive.

You can grab the latest beta below. Remember that this a beta release so if you don’t want to put up with any new bugs, you are best staying put on version 1.55 or the last beta that worked for you.


Download: IrisManager 1.60 Beta 4

Source: Elotrolado

Tags: backup manager, estwald, homebrew, IrisManager, PlayStation 3, PS3

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