IrisManager 2.41 Released With New Payloads & Improved Discless Support

May 15, 2013

IrisManager v2.40 was released earlier this week and already, Estwald has a new version of the backup manager out. Check out Here’s the roughly translated changelog:

  • New Italian language update (thanks AlexanderPs3Mod :))
  • Added as Simplified and Traditional Chinese languages ​​(Liqianyu thanks :))
  • Added emulation of syscall 879 (Bd Media ID) for mode “Payload No Disco” (“Payload Disc Less”) (how that comment below)
  • Improved auto disc CEX less in CFWs 3.55, 4.21 and 4.30. With USB device mounted on exit. No USB device, remember to click “PS” in Iris Manager to display the disc). If your CFW requires mounting a USB device for disc-less, remember that pressing START (Global Options) and then SELECT can watch and record the Event ID generated.
  • Added payloads DEX CEX corrected and CFW 4.41 and corresponding to patches from PS3 Ita Fan Control Manager (to thank Zz_SACRO_zZ Rancid-o and especially for contributing and greetings to the rest of the Team for initiating a project based in Iris Manager)
  • Also added the method corrects CFW Error 0x80010009 in sharing the same keys (from 4.21 to 4.41) but the version of the executable is greater than that of CFW. In this case, I made a custom implementation code from Ita PS3 Team:Sandungas suggestion, add routes / dev_hdd0/GAMES/covers and / dev_hdd0/GAMEZ/covers as potential places to find cover art style using Multiman and avoid duplication of data between Managers. Not consider looking covers external drives because the process will be slow and complicated and we can all easily copy (with Managers Archive) content to the internal disk.
    • The games and updates are patched to use Option “Check Files” (Test Game) that in my opinion, is the right choice for this XD
    • Instead of using fixed offsets to read version is taken from within the SELF / SPRX header offset to prevent a possible change in position of the data (which would leave the executable unusable) and simplify the routine, which will serve to all executables.
    • Instead of patching to version 3.41 which can lead to confusion and perhaps create problems in the future, we proceed to the same version patch for CFW detected. Thus, always inform a compatible version with the same keys.
    • It manages all file errors that may occur.

Media ID on BD


In anticipation of a possible check BD Media ID (Export 0xEF666B52 in liblv2 and syscall 879) has been carried out for inclusion in the payload Disc emulate Less.

To get it you need to be in “With BDVD Controller (With BDVD Controller) and insert the disk after running Iris Manager. Failure to do so, the syscall return Error 0x80010005 and it will not be possible to obtain the ID. Press SELECT on the disc icon, we see in the options “BD ID: XX XX in blue because it is a Bluray disc and yellow when it comes to a game on the hard drive to recover the information.

My original disk MGS4 seems to not have BD Media ID and returns all data to 0 and error 0x80010006: This will be the default mode of operation of the emulation, then possibly some old games lack it.

When you insert a disc, you create a file in / dev_hdd0/game/IMANAGER4/config containing the ID and extension. Did. For example, for Kill 00081.did BCESZone 2, which is used as temporary store ID.

Later when launching the game dede hard disk (internal or external), or entering their options with SELECT, Disc-Less mode that ID is taken and stored in the file BDMEDIA_ID in your root directory (for example, in my if, on / dev_hdd0/GAMES/Killzone2/BDMEDIA_ID) and stored by the syscall function 7 in the payload 40 to be used from the syscall 879.

In short: if the BD Media ID is 16 bytes to 0, it will return the ID and error 0x80010006. If by syscall 40 keep an ID function 7 average, returned the ID without error.

Thus, if a game is to check if it is running from the original disk using that facility, will give you the correct ID and avoid problems

You can download the latest version of IrisManager below.


Download: IrisManager 2.41

Source: Elotrolado

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