IrisManager Gets 2.50J Hotfix Update

by ps3iso on June 2, 2013

Development of IrisManager is not completely dead yet. Earlier in the week, it was announced that Estwald would be taking a break from working on IrisManager, thus leaving it to the scene to further its progress. That’s unless a bug popped up that would need fixing. That has happened and Estwald has released a quick hotfix update to version 2.50, designated with the letter ‘J’. (Similar to the hotfix for version 2.36 using “P”) The hotfix addresses a bug in the time and date display as well as provides an updated translation for the Chinese language. Here’s the changelog for the new version:

  • Fixed a problem that caused dates now mark as May 32 (do not take off the coat!)
  • Updated languages ​​Chinese Simplified / Traditional (Thanks Liqianyu)

You can download the latest version and what could be the last release by Estwald below.

Download: IrisManager 2.50J

Source: Elotrolado

Tags: backup manager, D_Skywalk, estwald, homebrew, IrisManager, PlayStation 3, PS3

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