IrisManager v2.40 – Fan & USB Wakeup Control added

May 12, 2013

PlayStation 3 Homebrew Developer Estwald is back with a new update to IrisManager.  In the new Version 2.40 update Estwald has taken his recently created Fan Control Utility and has started to integrate this utility into IrisManager for easy access and control of the utility. Also in this update there has been Italian Language updates, a bug fixed in FTP and also some improvements to the PlayStation 1 (PSX) Emulator.You can checkout all the details in Estwald’s translated release quote below. 

iris1 zfs

 Google Translation: Spanish to English

New: version 2.40

1) Updated Italian language (thanks AcidBuRn1)

2) Fixed error in the definition of a variable in the FTP which made the console will turn off when not using the remote, but was transferring files

3) Further improvement for PSX emulator that eliminates the need to modify usleep () changing it to a method that allows syscalls redial as often as desired [chulito] (So ​​we can make calls step that conflicted loop by entering the syscall to change the turning point)

4) Added in the menu “Tools” tool “Fan & USB Wakeup Control”.

– Allows control of satellite payload temperatures, System Manager (sm.self) in Miralatijera 4.40 CFW + Core 3.3.0, by the SYSCON or speed set by the user (option “By User and speed in” User / Shutdown Speed ​​” .

– Displays real time information of the temperatures, fan speed mode and current.

– Allows you to set the behavior of the Payload / S. Manager adjusting speed / temperature to suit the user and reset defaults and remember the values ​​set (“Set Settings” and record the values ​​fixed)

– From System Manager (sm.self) to set a time (or disable) in steps of 10 seconds for the utility writes a file on the USB device in use and avoid “sleep” for lack of activity

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