Is multiMAN Not Your Thing: IrisManager 2.11 Out Already. Comes With More Bugfixes

February 18, 2013

One of the other backup managers that has been available to the scene is IrisManager. With version 2.00 released last week, it has been packing on the goodies such as new languages and a BluRay bypass feature, to allow you to play PSX ISOs with a nonfunctional drive. Estwald has released version 2.11, which fixes a lot of bugs that were discovered in the 2.00 update. Interested in seeing what’s new? Keep on reading then:

  • Fixed problem with usleep in PSX emulator
  • Fixed problems with truncated UTF8 strings
  • Fixed a problem when exiting the application after using the keyboard osk

If you have been experiencing any of these problems, then you should make it a prerogative to update to this version, at some point in the near future. You can grab it below.


Download: IrisManager 2.11


Source: Elotrolado

Tags: backup manager, estwald, homebrew, IrisManager, PlayStation 3, PS3

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